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  • Bournemouth International Airport RNAV Airspace Change Proposal

    Bournemouth Airport has runway (RWY) 08 and RWY 26, both providing precision (instrument) approach capabilities via Instrument Landing System (ILS). The preferential runway is RWY 26 handling 75% of all arrivals with the remainder utilising RWY 08. The ILS on RWY 26 is CAT III. The ILS (CAT I)... More
    Opened 13 December 2019
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport Airspace Transition

    The aim of this consultation is to seek stakeholder’s views on the publication of new procedures that will be flown by aircraft departing from, and arriving at Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA). The majority of UK airports, including LJLA, are seeking to modernise the routes... More
    Opened 13 January 2020
  • Cotswold Airport (Kemble) - Airspace Change for PBN (GPS) Approaches to Runway 08 and Runway 26

    The aim of this proposal is to develop and publish a suitable Performance Based Navigation GPS landing approach to support existing arrivals. Although they comprise only 0.7 % of Cotswold Airport’s annual movements, these aircraft have a disproportionate positive economic ... More
    Opened 10 February 2020
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