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  • NATS LAMP Deployment 1.1 (LD1.1)

    Video with subtitles available here. The London Airspace Modernisation Programme 2 Deployment 1.1 (LAMP2D1.1, abbreviated herein to LD1.1) airspace (see Figure 1 below) is critical airspace within the European and World ATM network. It is situated at a crossroads of... More
    Closes 29 November 2021
  • Free Route Airspace (FRA) Deployment 2

    Video with subtitles available here Free Route Airspace (FRA) allows aircraft in upper airspace to flight plan and fly between existing points and not be constrained to follow the current network of routes. FRA is well established across Europe and NATS has been involved... More
    Closes 29 November 2021
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