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Open Consultations

  • Introduction of PBN Approaches

    City of Derry Airport (CoDA) is consulting on the introduction of Performance Based Navigation Approaches (PBN) for aircraft arriving at the airport. This airspace change proposal aims to replicate exisiting arrival routes and does not increase the number of aircraft arrivals or depatures at... More

    Closes 21 January 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Free Route Airspace (FRA) Deployment 2

    Video with subtitles available here Free Route Airspace (FRA) allows aircraft in upper airspace to flight plan and fly between existing points and not be constrained to follow the current network of routes. FRA is well established across Europe and NATS has been involved... More

    Closed 29 November 2021

  • NATS LAMP Deployment 1.1 (LD1.1)

    Video with subtitles available here. The London Airspace Modernisation Programme 2 Deployment 1.1 (LAMP2D1.1, abbreviated herein to LD1.1) airspace (see Figure 1 below) is critical airspace within the European and World ATM network. It is situated at a crossroads of... More

    Closed 29 November 2021

  • Heathrow Consultation Slightly Steeper Approaches

    Heathrow is consulting on the permanent adoption of Slightly Steeper Approaches (SSA) for some of the aircraft arriving at the airport. These approaches have been in operation at Heathrow on a temporary basis following trials held in 2015-2017. Since then, the CAA allowed us to keep operating... More

    Closed 2 April 2021

  • Increasing Safety in The Land's End Transit Corridor

    This airspace change proposal (ACP) is sponsored by us, Land’s End Airport Ltd and supported by St Mary’s Airport and Penzance Heliport who are also situated within the Land’s End Transit Corridor (LETC). In this consultation document, when the term Sponsor is used, it is referring to... More

    Closed 15 March 2021

  • Free Route Airspace (FRA) Deployment 2.1 PEMAK/TAKAS

    Free Route Airspace (FRA) is well established in Europe and NATS has been involved in developing the FRA concept over the last 5 years. FRA is a major initiative of the UK CAA’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) (CAP 1711) . The implementation of FRA by European Union (EU)... More

    Closed 8 February 2021