RPAS operations to/from a nominated diversion airfield

Closes 2 Aug 2024

Opened 11 Jun 2024


The aim of this consultation is to seek stakeholder views on the introduction of a change in designation of airspace in the vicinity of RAF Marham.

The main operating base (MOB) for the large Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS), Protector RG Mk1 is RAF Waddington, where permanent segregated airspace in the form of a danger area has already been established. The danger area is EG D324A/B, which was implemented at the end of November 2023.  Under current timescales routine Protector operations is likely to commence from RAF Waddington in Summer 2024 when the MOD will conduct test and evaluation activities prior to Protector formally entering into service.   During this, and for future activity in the UK, Protector will require a nominated permanent diversion airfield to be made available in the event that, for any unforeseen reason, RAF Waddington becomes unavailable.  Following investigation into several military airfields, RAF Marham has been identified as the most suitable and preferred diversion airfield.

The purpose of this consultation is for all stakeholders to respond effectively to the information provided. The Feedback Form will assist in gathering and considering opinions and information from relevant stakeholders regarding the potential impact of this ACP.

The methodology of this consultation is summarised in the Consultation Strategy, which can be read in conjunction with the Consultation Document and the Full Options Appraisal found here: Airspace change proposal public view (caa.co.uk)

The consultation period is from 11 June to 2 August 2024. Once consultation has ended, all feedback will be considered for the final design proposal. The final design proposal may evolve from that described in the Consultation Document, subject to stakeholder input.

Why your views matter

At this stage of the airspace change process, nothing is yet finalised.  Your feedback is a critical part of the airspace change process and could help inform the final airspace design and associated operating procedures.

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  • Q&A Webinar

    From 11 Jul 2024 at 09:00 to 11 Jul 2024 at 12:00

    Tailored for stakeholders with a non-aviation background, providing opportunity for Q&A.
    Participants are requested to register interest via email: UASCDC-ACP@qinetiq.com
    The session will be open for 3 hours to facilitate flexibility for participants to drop in at a convenient time. The presentation will be delivered hourly at 09.00, 10.00 and 11.00, and will offer a simplified precis of the proposed change and explain the methods by which interested parties can submit feedback: stakeholders will not be able to submit feedback through the webinar.
    Stakeholders are invited to send questions in advance to the email address above.
    Questions posed by stakeholders attending this event that may be of interest to others, will be added to the living Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document after the session.
    Stakeholders that were unable to pose their questions during the session are encouraged to submit them via the Q&A chat box on the Webinar; by email to the Change Sponsor; or by responding through the feedback form.
    Joining instructions:
    To join the meeting via Teams, click the related link below.
    Meeting ID: 364 986 471 595
    Passcode: HLtLZn

    To Dial-in by phone:
    Dial: +44 20 3443 8728#
    Phone conference ID: 242 913 365#