Stapleford RMZ Consultation

Closed 21 Jul 2023

Opened 17 Apr 2023

Results expected 25 Aug 2023

Published responses

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Between 18 December 2017 and 26 March 2018, Stapleford Aerodrome held a public consultation under the auspices of UK CAA CAP 725 for the implementation of RNP approach procedures to RWY21. The objective of the Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) was to introduce the Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) to both formalise the use of instrument flight procedures for training purposes and provide an official instrument approach procedure to support the return to base flights for Stapleford aircraft and other aircraft when the weather conditions (e.g. cloud base) are below that required for VFR operations.

Since submission of the ACP comment response pack, safety case and other documentation as required by the process to the CAA, there have been further discussions about the need to create a known traffic environment in the immediate vicinity around Stapleford aerodrome beyond the boundary of the existing ATZ.

This consultation proposes the establishment of a Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) which, in the absence of air traffic control and a single frequency, would provide an additional mitigation to ensure that all (radio equipped) aircraft active in the affected airspace would be aware if the Stapleford IAP were active since such information would be available through the relevant ATSUs.

The full proposal is available here: