St Athan Instrument Landing System ILS

Closes 28 Oct 2019

Opened 30 Sep 2019


The aim of this consultation is to seek stakeholder’s views on the publication of the existing St Athan Instrument Landing System (ILS) procedures, previously published in the publicly available Military Aeronautical Information Publication (Mil AIP), into its civilian counterpart, the UK (Aeronautical Information Publication) AIP.

There are no physical or operational changes to the ILS procedures as a result of them being published in the UK AIP, therefore the following elements are out of scope of this consultation: 

  • The path over the ground which aircraft fly;
  • The slope down which aircraft descend to reach the runway;
  • The number of aircraft that would use the procedure;
  • The type of aircraft that would use the procedure;
  • Any of the supporting Air Traffic Control (ATC) procedures;
  • The size, dimensions or classification of any surrounding airspace.

This consultation is concerned only with the publication of the existing ILS flight procedures in the UK AIP.

The map below shows an illustrative rectangle within which the ILS procedures are contained; there is no change to the airspace in the region.

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation allows the Welsh Government, who is the Change Sponsor, to gather and consider views and information from relevant stakeholders about the potential impacts of this ACP.  Stakeholders have a crucial role to play in providing relevant and timely feedback to the sponsor with their views and opinions on the impact of this ACP.

Consultation Material (please download)

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