Cotswold Airport (Kemble) - Airspace Change for PBN (GPS) Approaches to Runway 08 and Runway 26

Closed 6 Apr 2020

Opened 10 Feb 2020

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The aim of this proposal is to develop and publish a suitable Performance Based Navigation GPS landing approach to support existing arrivals. Although they comprise only 0.7% of Cotswold Airport’s annual movements, these aircraft have a disproportionate positive economic effect on the airport and surrounding area of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. They are essential to the continued economic viability of the Airport and MRO businesses.  

These aircraft already arrive at Cotswold Airport by determining their own pilot defined approach route visually and in good weather only, with no instruments or GPS positioning onto a straight in visual approach to land at the airport. It is anticipated that for those aircraft either arriving in bad weather (Instrument Meteorological Conditions(IMC)) or unable to approach the Airport due to their own operational limitations not allowing a non-defined approach, this proposed PBN approach will marginally increase the Airports annual movements by implementing this proposal, which will then enable them to land at the Airport.  If this proposal is implemented, all these in-scope (0.7%) aircraft will use the GPS approach to either runway in all weathers.

Why your views matter

After some very productive engagement and collective design development with local councils and aviation communities during previous stages, the purpose of this consultation is to provide a formal opportunity for all those who may be affected by this change, to express their opinion and comment on the Airspace Change Proposal.

It is also another opportunity for Cotswold Airport to seek our stakeholder’s view in the formulation of the final proposal to be submitted to the CAA for determination.

We would be extremely grateful for your views. The document is previewed below and can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page for you to read prior to completing the survey. Thank you.

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What happens next

Thank you for your comments, the consultation is now closed.

Cotswold Airport will now prepare: 

A consultation report document setting out transparently the approach to categorisation, the preferred option to be taken forward and any design changes resulting from consultation responses. 

The final design documentation for the PBN approaches. 

A Final Options Appraisal, including the Safety Assessment for the preferred option. 

When the three documents are completed and the CAA confirms that there is no requirement for further consultation, the documents will be uploaded to the online portal. Cotswold Airport will then prepare and submit the formal Airspace Change Proposal to the CAA, who will notify the Department for Transport. Our aim is to submit this by June 2020, and we expect a decision towards the end of the year.