Increasing Safety in The Land's End Transit Corridor

Closed 15 Mar 2021

Opened 4 Jan 2021

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This airspace change proposal (ACP) is sponsored by us, Land’s End Airport Ltd and supported by St Mary’s Airport and Penzance Heliport who are also situated within the Land’s End Transit Corridor (LETC).  In this consultation document, when the term Sponsor is used, it is referring to Land’s End Airport Ltd.

We intend to introduce a change to the LETC to improve safety standards and is related to improving the safety of existing services and not about stimulating new traffic or altering any existing routes.

The purpose of this consultation document is to provide information to you, our stakeholders, to allow you to respond effectively.

Why your views matter

We are seeking feedback from stakeholders who may be affected by the proposal.  Primarily this is likely to be users of the airspace and other aviation stakeholders.  Nonetheless we welcome feedback from any interested parties.

You have the opportunity to provide relevant feedback, which may conflict with that of other stakeholders.  After the consultation has ended, we will consider all your feedback and produce the final design proposal, which may differ from those described in this document. 

You have a crucial role in providing relevant and timely feedback to us the Sponsor in the form of your views and opinions on the impact these proposals might have on your operation, and any mitigations you might suggest, supported by evidence where possible.

You can download the Consultation Document along with the Feedback Form from the link below.  There's also a PowerPoint slideshow summarising the proposals.

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