Removal of the Stansted LYD 6R/5S SIDs

Closed 14 Dec 2020

Opened 30 Nov 2020




NATS is proposing that ATS route M604 is extended from DET VOR to LYD VOR.  This would replace the final segment of the Stansted LYD 6R/5S Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), and hence would allow the removal of these SIDs.  The DET 1R/1S SIDs which follow exactly the same track to DET would be used instead.  This is a technical flight planning change and will not have any impact on aircraft tracks over the ground.  This change is necessary to remove the dependency on the LYD DVOR which is planned to be removed from service.


The LYD Doppler Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (DVOR) navigation beacon was identified as part of NATS En route Ltd's (NERLs) DVOR rationalisation program as being superfluous, and is scheduled to be decommissioned by the end of 2023.  An ACP dealing with any network dependency has already been approved. 

Prior to the removal of this navigation aid, any remaining Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) dependencies not captured within the original NERL ACP will need to be removed.  This includes the following airport IFP dependencies:  2 SIDs at London City Airport and the Stansted LYD 6R/5S SIDs.  This ACP is only concerned with the removal of the Stansted LYD 6R/5S SIDs and as explained above, is in support of the wider DVOR programme of work

The changes described within this ACP will not alter the profile of any flights or introduce new controlled airspace.  The extended portion of M604 will be Route Availability Document (RAD) restricted to London Stansted departures which currently use the LYD 5R/6S SIDs.  This restriction will ensure that there is no change to traffic mix or flight tracks, (lateral or vertical) observed over the ground.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to provide all stakeholders and any interested parties with an overview of the impacts and benefits associated with this airspace change.  These are detailed in the consultation document below and interested parties are offered the opportunity to contribute feedback on the details contained within this consultation document.

As such, we are seeking feedback from any stakeholders who may be affected.  Primarily this is likely to be users of the airspace and aviation stakeholders.  The proposed removal of the Stansted LYD SIDs will have minimal/no impact on other airspace users or stakeholders on the ground since identical connectivity will be provided by usage of the existing Stansted DET SIDs and extension of ATS Route M604.  Nonetheless we welcome feedback from any interested parties.

The consultation begins on Monday 2nd November 2020 and ends on Monday 16th November 2020, a period of 2 weeks.

Consultation Material  (please download)

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Your feedback will be sent to the CAA and will be published after moderation.

What happens next

During consultation we gather feedback from stakeholders and any interested parties. 

Responses will then be analysed and themed.  Shortly after the consultation finishes we will publish a consultation feedback document, which will summarise the themes and NATS’ response to any issues raised. 

The feedback document will be available for download via the CAA portal.  Any new requirements identified will be considered in the on-going design process.  The ACP will detail the design being submitted and make reference to changes that have been made to take account of consultation feedback.