NATS FASI North, revised hold and link routes in Scottish TMA

Closed 26 Jul 2018

Opened 30 May 2018

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NATS is proposing changes to the ATS route structure in the Scottish Terminal Manoeuvring Area.    These changes are necessary to support the changes proposed (in separate ACPs) by Edinburgh and Prestwick Airports. 



Why your views matter

We propose to introduce the following changes:

Move the position of the hold for flights inbound for Glasgow (currently the LANAK hold);  and establish RNAV5 STARs realigned to the new Glasgow hold

Establish ATS link routes to connect the proposed new Edinburgh SIDs to the enroute network. 

The changes proposed in this ACP will only affect flights above 7000ft. 

As such we are seeking feedback from any stakeholders who may be affected.  Primarily this is likely to be users of the airspace and aviation stakeholders.  Nonetheless we welcome feedback from any interested parties.

Your feedback on the proposals at this early stage will help us explore the potential impacts of the changes made to the ScTMA airspace.  We invite considered responses supported by evidence where possible.

Consultation Material  (please download)

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Your feedback will be sent to the CAA and will be published after moderation.

What happens next

During consultation we will be gathering feedback from stakeholders and any interested parties. 

Responses will be analysed and themed.  Shortly after the consultation finishes we will publish a consultation feedback document, which will summarise the themes and NATS’ response to any issues raised. 

The feedback document will be available for download via the CAA portal.  Any new requirements identified will be considered in the on-going design process.  The ACP will detail the design being submitted and make reference to changes that have been made to take account of consultation feedback.