Spaceport-1 ACP Stage 3 Consultation

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Closes 24 May 2024


The aim of this consultation is to seek stakeholder views on the introduction of a change in designation of airspace in the vicinity of Scolpaig, North Uist.

There is a requirement to launch sub-orbital sounding rockets from Scolpaig into the adjacent MOD Hebrides Range Danger Areas from 2025.  Airspace change is necessary to ensure safety of other airspace users, protecting them from the hazards associated with rocket launch operations and to protect SP-1 ground personnel.

The purpose of this consultation is for all stakeholders to respond effectively to the information provided.  The questionaire will assist in gathering and considering opinions and information from relevant stakeholders regarding the potential impact of this Airspace Change Proposal (ACP).

Your feedback is important to us and provides a critical part of the airspace change process as it will help inform the final airspace design and associated operating procedures.

The methodology of this consultation is summarised in the Consultation Strategy, which can be read in conjunction with the Consultation Document and the Full Options Appraisal, which assesses the costs, benefits, and potential environmental impacts of the airspace change.

The consultation period is from 20th March 2024 to 24th May 2024: Once consultation has ended, all feedback will be considered for the final design proposal. The final design proposal may evolve from that described in the Consultation Document, subject to stakeholder input.

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